When your fear for your kids is greater than your faith…

Sometimes signs are confusing. What does this sign mean?

I scanned the confusing signs on a ski slope directing skiers to trails of apt difficulty. My ski skills are–at best–intermediate. And that designation might be a stretch. I have skied for a lot of years, and I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent skiing, but my skill level plateaued early. So that day on the slope, I had to be sure to choose a trail that matched my skill level.

I puzzled out the signs’ meaning, made a turn, took a long glide, noticed a very steep dip ahead and stopped quickly.

I was halfway down a hill. The terrain unfolding in front of me demanded expert skiing. I must have read the signs incorrectly. Continue reading “When your fear for your kids is greater than your faith…”

Secrets to the Lost Art of Rest

Adult coloring books in the grocery store check-out aisle

I stood in line at the grocery store waiting to check out. I was in an aisle where the candy has been replaced by racks of coloring books. Adult coloring books. I read their titles: Travel, Patterns, Flowers, Tattoos. I picked a book up and paged through it. As I turned the pages, I pictured using colored pencils to fill in the detailed designs. I enjoy the sound of a pencil making its way across paper.  I felt an urge to toss the adult coloring book on the conveyor belt along with my pile of groceries.

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