Teaching…it’s like selling air

Read this if you know a teacher who has earned your gratitude:

“I sell air,” silver dollara man once told me.

Since the time, as an infant, I inhaled to let loose my first wail, I’ve used air. Daily. And never paid a penny. So I was curious as to how he could sell a resource that’s available to everyone for free, and I asked, “Successfully?”

He launched into a detailed account of the process that air is forced through, so it becomes a product that sells for a lucrative amount.

When he began to describe manipulation of the N2s and the O2s and the CO2s , he lost me.

My thoughts strayed to the ways my task, as a teacher, is like his. Continue reading “Teaching…it’s like selling air”

Living on the fringes of sorrow…remembering Columbine…

bouquet of dandelionsI stood in the shower with water streaming over my suds-filled hair when the garbage cans that line our home’s outside wall pinged and rattled. The noise sounded like a clattering tambourine and lasted a few seconds. I thought a bold creature was rummaging through our trash–in daylight. With my fist, I banged on the wall and shouted, “Get out of those cans.”

The clatter stopped. My stern command had sent the creature fleeing.

A few minutes later, equipped with rubber gloves, I checked the cans. I was prepared to pick up strewn trash and look for signs of the scavenger. Bear? Cat? Skunk?

No mess. No signs of a creature.

Eventually, my daughter messaged, “Did you feel the earthquake?” Continue reading “Living on the fringes of sorrow…remembering Columbine…”

Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day and creating memories for people we love

Grilled cheese sandwich

Tomorrow (April 12), on National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, you may wonder: when is Dill Pickle Day? (November 14) And where do I get a decent dill pickle anyway?

Or, to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day, like I did this week, you may pull out and relive your first grilled-cheese-sandwich related memory. Continue reading “Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day and creating memories for people we love”

A secret to aging well

My Great Gram–who taught me a secret to aging well long before I needed it. I was forty before I realized I needed it, and, just recently, I’ve learned to practice it.  

At a restaurant in our town, birthday guests are invited to celebrate their special occasion by culminating their meal with a silly act. They are invited to sit on a saddle which is mounted on a rolling sawhorse. When the birthday person sits, servers and guests clap and shout birthday cheers.

Last spring, when my husband Steve turned sixty, because he likes their steaks, he chose this restaurant for his birthday meal. “You’ll have to sit on the saddle,” I warned.

“I won’t,” he said. Continue reading “A secret to aging well”