When you wonder about the value of your work…

Last month, Steve and I visited the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Picture of Andrew Wyeth print
Andrew Wyeth’s: Lobsterman

to see a closely guarded exhibition of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings.

In the museum gallery, as we admired one of Wyeth’s large, detailed paintings, Steve motioned me closer to the painting and, with his index finger, pointed to a wooden table in the picture. He wanted me to notice that the painted wood’s grainy, uneven surface looked so vivid it seemed that if you ran your hand across it, you’d risk a splinter.

As I leaned toward Steve’s finger and the painted tabletop, a talking human head bobbed between our heads, “Don’t get so close to the painting, Sir,” a museum guard quietly commanded. Continue reading “When you wonder about the value of your work…”

When someone you love considers suicide…

(Because it’s Mental Illness Awareness Week)

Recently, I attended an educational workshop which was geared to raising awareness of depression and suicide. The speaker, a clinical psychologist, clicked through PowerPoint slides at a steady clip. She listed the signs of depression. Click. New slide.

She stressed that depression is a disease that can be treated. Click. New Slide.

She said, “If you know someone who experiences chronic depression, you need to ask them if they are thinking about suicide.” Click.

Whoa. Continue reading “When someone you love considers suicide…”